About the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement, restoring natural balance, support, flexibility, and coordination.

Many musculoskeletal problems are brought on by tension from overwork, past illness and injury, worry, poor posture and general mis-use of the self.  Muscle tension pulls bones out of alignment, stressing joints and compressing nerves. This creates more trouble, which leads to more tension, a painful cycle.

Students of the Alexander Technique learn to stop the cycle of pain and overcome patterns of tension and stress.  They discover how to be upright without tensing; to be at ease without collapsing.  They age gracefully, supporting themselves in gravity instead of letting it pull them down.  They learn to bear weight evenly on their bones as they go about the day.

There are no special exercises in the Alexander Technique, and it is not a “treatment.”  Students are guided through everyday movements, and learn to inhibit reactive muscle tensing as they think, breathe, talk, sit, stand, walk, bend, turn, and reach.

With gentle hands-on guidance and verbal cues, the student develops awareness and control, every action becomes easier and freer.


The process can be initiated in as few as 10 lessons.  Cultivation of the awareness and self-direction develops over time.  Many students benefit with instruction over longer periods of time.  The Alexander Technique opens the student to a lifetime of mind-body learning, in a whole new way. With the ability to move freely and lightly, every activity is enhanced.



The two most popular benefits of the Alexander Technique are:

1. Improved posture           2. Pain relief


The Alexander Technique can bring great relief for persons with:

Arthritis      Asthma & Breathing Difficulties        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome          Fibromyalgia        Back Pain        Headache         MS

Osteoporosis          Repetitive stress injuries


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